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UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K

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Happy New Year !

Happy New Year!



Happy Holidays! We hope that your holiday season has been filled with family, friends, and of course, learning! We hit some exciting milestones in 2013, but we're already looking forward to new adventures in 2014.
May god fulfill your all your wishes and brings luck, charm and wealth in coming year !
We thanks Springer India, Big FM, Lotte Computers, OSL, Briggs & Stratton, Utkal Automobiles, ANSYS, ALTAIR, Car Sim, Solid Works, Peta Dhishoom, Gayatri Interprises and Our College KIIT University for the support. Our projects need money and it won't be possible to manufacture and design our vehicle without your help. We will be happy if you extend your support for the future teams in our college.




KARMA Dec. 2014 Issue

Click here to read online.

KIIT Review : Volume 13 - Nov. 2013

As the list of achievers from Automotive Society increased, KIIT Published special edition on Student Achievers .KIIT Review November Edition .Download from here.
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and we cleared the virtuals ... :)

Finally the result of Virtuals was announced today and including this year, three times consecutively we made to the final.
Hard work never pays off. :)

We raised the Bar...!!! , at Vishwasaraiya Engineering College, Bangalore

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for your eyes only ;) vehicle standing on its shockers ... front GC 17 inches , rear GC 15.5 inches as of now with engine mounted. weight 236kgs , expected weight distribution 45:65 

For those who werent there at virtuals.. our complete vehicle assembly had proved a lot of points to the judges ,, which played a very important part in our teams selection in BAJA 2013. Our vehicle was completely assembled by Subrata Sarkar with little bit help from Narendra Kumar (gearbox) , me (rollcage) and various other inputs from few other team members Sanjay Singh(adams) Asif Khan(CAE) Abhishek Singh(steering) Palash Bolia(steering) Abhishek Upadhyay(rear assembly, powertrain) . our selction had not been possible without this. For juniors. upcoming 4-5 posts like this would help you to understand the strategy we followed during virtuals. this tells the importance to have a complete cad assembly in preliminary round. Special thanx to @subrat for doing the surfacing part (which we will see in FRP)

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TEAM KIIT Teaser Video

SAE-TEAM KIIT Teaser . More at ,
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10 Things You Need to Know about BAJA SAE INDIA

  • Before 2007, the events were called "Mini Baja."
  • There are multiple dynamic events, usually four per event, as well as a single four-hour endurance race. The dynamic events include hill climbs, chain pulls, maneuverability events, rock crawls, and suspension & traction events.
  • The Baja SAE Competition originated at the University of South Carolina in 1976, under the supervision of Dr. J. F. Stevens
  • Key Persons of BAJA India are
         - Dr. K.C. Vora ;
    Asst. Director, ARAI
    Dr. Pawan Goenka, President, SAEINDIA and President, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
    Mr. Sunil Chaturvedi, CEO & Project Director of National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure
    Project (NATRIP)
    Mr. Sunil Patel, M.D. of Lombardini India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Remember the difference between  National Automotive Test Track (NATRAX) and  (NATRIP) National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project
  • BAJA SAE India was first organised in Dec. 2007

    Mahindra Group Logo
    Mahindra Group Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Rule Book at a Glance (FRAME)


    Elements of the Roll Cage
    • The RRH must be a minimum of 73.6 cm (29 in.) wide at 68.6 cm (27 in.) above the driver’s seat (H-point of driver).
    • The roll cage must be a space frame of tubular steel. The required members of the roll cage are:

      Primary members :
    • Rear Roll Hoop (RRH)
    • Roll Hoop Overhead Members (RHO)
    • Front Bracing Members (FBM)
    • Lateral Cross Member (LC) 
    • Front Lateral Cross Member (FLC)

      Secondary members :
      must be steel tubes having a minimum wall thickness of 0.89 mm (.035 in) and a minimum outside diameter of 25.4 mm (1.0 in)
    • Lateral Diagonal Bracing (LBD)
    • Lower Frame Side (LFS)
    • Side Impact Member (SIM)
    • Fore/Aft Bracing (FAB)
    • Under Seat Member (USM)
    • All Other Required Cross Members
    • Any tube that is used to mount the safety belts
    • When minimal dimensions are given that is to the centerline of the members, and when a clearance for the driver is given, it is defined by the outside edges of the roll cage members less the padding installed
    • Required dimensions between roll cage members are defined by measurements between member centerlines, except where noted.
    • As of 2009 the engine has been an unmodified Briggs & Stratton Intek 20 single-cylinder with a displacement of 300cc and power output of approximately 10 bhp (7.5 kW).
    • Difference between Pipe and Tube